I am wondering if there is a way to filter data coming into marking cloud from Sales Cloud. I ask because I do not want to import Accounts that dont have email address associated with them as these are taking up users in marketing cloud that I have to pay for but cant use.

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On the last step of the synchronization of a Sales object, you can filter on one field. Bear in mind that you can only filter on a checkbox field. What we do is implement the logic behind in Sales by using a custom checkbox field, and use it as a filter for the synchronization.

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Yes, but it's a bit limited.

Go to Contact Builder > Data Sources > Synchronised > open the SF configuration.

From there locate the object you want to limit and open it.

On left side of the menu you'll see the settings area for filtering out which records get synchronised. Click on Edit to make changes.




very useful. The filter criteria on our Marekting Cloud platform is greyed out, not able to use it. Any idea why is that?

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