I have one similar problem asked here. But My Objects are Project(Parent) -- > Milestone(Child) --> Action(GrandChild)..

Deep Clone (Parent -> Child -> Grand Child)

I have tried using the External Id. But I am not sure how I will access Milestone.

This line of code..

newOpp.Account = new Account(ExternalId__c = accNew.ExternalId__c); //set parent ref

Here is the referencing Account, how can I do this for custom relations. How I can reference object instead of Id.

Project__c proj = new Project__c(ExternalId__c = newProj.ExternalId__c);
// when crating milestone
newMileStone.Project__c = proj;   // when i tried this, it says i have to pass id instead of project. 

If any one has done this before, I would like to get some inputs.

I have also tried @Avidev9's code. From that piece of code, there is something I couldn't understand completely. After inserting newOpportunityList, maps values are becoming null somehow. Tried debugging a lot. But no luck reaching the solution.

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You use the "reference" object instead ("__r"):

newMileStone.Project__r = proj;

Make sure the object you're setting only has one field enabled, and it is an external Id field (as in your sample code).

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