Has anyone rolled their own Open CTI SoftPhone that connects to RingCentral or another phone provider? I'm not loving the UI provided by RingCentral and am starting to go down the rabbit hole of rolling my own. The Salesforce docs are really detailed and the only thing I'm missing so far is how to auth between salesforce and the phone provider so I can actually make calls.

I figured I'd find this in the RingCentral docs but they haven't been helpful. I imagine doing this with any other phone provider would have similar patterns though so I can always apply what someone has done with another phone provider to this case too

  • Authentication steps should be provided by RingCentral. I've done Twilio CTI integration and they have provided steps/classes/instructions on how to generate the auth token and initialize the device before making any subsequent call to Twilio end points. – highfive Mar 12 at 4:54

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