I've followed the steps to configure push notifications that I've seen here https://salesforce-marketingcloud.github.io/JB4A-SDK-Android/notifications/customize-notifications.html but the push notifications does not appear with pop, they appear only minimized.

What can be happening? Thanks.


It's already resolved. To be able to see the heads-up notification:

for api < OREO :

  • you have set priority high to the builder and set the vibration:

    NotificationCompat.Builder builder = NotificationManager.getDefaultNotificationBuilder(context, notificationMessage, NotificationManager.createDefaultNotificationChannel(context),R.drawable.ic_arrow) .setPriority(NotificationCompat.PRIORITY_HIGH) .setDefaults(Notification.DEFAULT_VIBRATE);

for API >= OREO :

  • you have to create a custom channel and pass it the priority, so that:

    NotificationChannel notificationChannel = new NotificationChannel(channelId, "Notifications", android.app.NotificationManager.IMPORTANCE_HIGH);

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