I'm trying to query subscribers who didn't receive a SMS by using the _smsmessagetracking data view.

I am using the following SQL query:

Mobile as Celular
MessageText = 'Message text'
Sent = 1
Undelivered = 1

But it doesn't return the mobile numbers that didn't receive the message.

What does the 'Undelivered' field mean? Is it possible to query contacts who didn't receive a message that was sent to them?

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You can find out who didn't receive your SMS by quering _UndeliverableSms data view. This is detailed in their documentation - UndeliveredSMS

Reason can be any of the following :

  • Mobile device is powered off
  • User is out of range of cellular networks
  • Number is for a landline
  • Causes not related to Marketing Cloud

As for working with the _smsmessagetracking data view, the field Undelivered should be a boolean field for records that were indeed not delivered to. The field Delivered should always be of the opposite value here then.

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