Trying to replace a character '+' with underscore. Tried:

String s = 'Happy+Me';
System.debug(s.replaceAll('\\+', '_');
System.debug(s.replaceAll('/\[+]', '_');

Still gives me 'Happy+Me' result. Well it doesn't seem to work.

  • N.B. re: sfdcfox's answer: Option 1 works on strings longer than 1MB; option 2 will throw an uncatchable regex too complicated error if used on strings > 1 MB – cropredy Mar 11 '19 at 17:29

you have not close bracket. use this below code

 String s = 'Happy+Me';
 System.debug(s.replaceAll('\\+', '_'));
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  • Oops sorry about that, Im just typing my code while asking, not copying and pasting it. – Miguel Gaurano Punzal Mar 11 '19 at 10:07

Option 1

Use replace instead of replaceAll:


Option 2

Use the appropriate regular expression for replaceAll. Note that regular expressions use \ to escape, but Apex also uses \ to escape. This means you need to use twice as many \ to get the correct result:


To match a literal \ in a regular expression string, you would need to use four \ total:

System.debug('Hello\\World'.replace('\\\\',' '));

If you're using a Custom Label or other source for your regular expression string, you would not need to escape the \, as this only applies during the compilation of Apex code.

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