I am hoping to link users to the out of the box subscription center but from an external landing page. I have set up a couple landing pages and I'm at the point where I am able to retrieve a user's Subscriber Key using a web capture form but after they enter this value and I have collected it, I can't seem to activate the subscription link. I want to have the user enter their subscriber key and once I collect it on the success landing page, I want a link that is able to send them to their Profile and Subscription Center.




There is not currently a way to generate a link to the default profile center outside the context of an Email send. If Landing Pages/Microsites are enabled in the account then a custom page could be created that would mimic the default profile center, but it would require a bit of knowledge on AMPScript.

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  • Is this still the only way to lead people to their subscription center? I am also looking into a similar solution. We would like people to re-subscribe via a landing page. But I have a problem carrying their subscriber key from outside since they are not provided when they land on the landing page. – Disasterkid Aug 28 '19 at 11:57

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