In the Salesforce Winter '19 release, the Salesforce CLI recently was updated with a command with a CLI call: sfdx force:org:shape.

 force:org:shape:create     create a snapshot of org edition, features, and licenses
 force:org:shape:delete     delete all org shapes for a target org
 force:org:shape:list       list all org shapes you’ve created
 force:org:snapshot:create  snapshot a scratch org
 force:org:snapshot:delete  delete a scratch org snapshot
 force:org:snapshot:get     get details about a scratch org snapshot
 force:org:snapshot:list    list scratch org snapshots `enter code here`

Has anyone used this feature? If so, has this feature allowed you to successfully take a snapshot of your production/sandbox and deploy it to a scratch org in order to develop on a scratch that practically mirrors the environment of your choice?

Thanks in advance for your answers and advice!


Its a pilot feature and you will need to work with salesforce to get this enabled for your Devhub .

Org Shape is different than Org Snapshot feature and both of these are in pilot.

You can get more help on trailblazer community to get started .

Org Shape - Take a snapshot from the Sandbox/Production to match licenses , features and edition and use that.

Org Snapshot - Configure a scratch org and then use that to create subsequent orgs .

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