I am trying to conditionally hide tabs based on the output of a certain table. Currently I am attempting to set the navigationHidden property of the page to false like so:

"navigationHidden": "{{cell(SomeChart.result, 0, \"SomeField\").asString() == \"SomeString\"}}"

However, I believe this is causing issues because the JSON expects a boolean value and not a string. When I try setting navigationHidden to "false" (wrapped in quotes) it is hidden, which is not the behavior I would expect. However, when I take the quotes off from my binding, the dashboard complains about invalid JSON and will not save. Any advice?

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When passing boolean values through a binding you will need to return them as an object. In your step called SomeChart you will want to create a new dimension that will return either true or false depending on the conditions.

q = load \"dataset\";
q = group q by all;
q = foreach q generate sum('amount') as 'amount', 
(case when sum('amount') > 1000000 then false else true end) as 'booleanField';

Once you have the boolean logic in the step, your binding can be the following:

"navigationHidden": "{{cell(SomeChart.result, 0, \"booleanField\").asObject()}}"

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