I am sending triggered e-mails using salesforce marketing cloud.

when I send an e-mail to user+new@test.com the expected behaviour (see link below) is to receive it on user@test.com.

This does not seem to work. Can someone confirm that? Any way I could replace it?


  • As your link says this is dependent on the mail server system. This definitely works with addresses based on the gmail framework. Try it with a gmail account. Mar 6 '19 at 9:01

That is not a valid assumption to make, unless the email provider supports that syntax. For example, Gmail allows plus in this manner to allow users to determine a folder to save incoming emails to based on the part after the plus sign. Other service providers allow it as a literal character in a username, and some refuse to allow the plus sign at all. Make sure that the email address that you're testing with supports this behavior.

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