I'd like to edit the Job Listings VisualForce page included with Volunteers For Salesforce (V4S). Because the page is part of a managed package I can't edit it directly and instead need to make a copy. If I make a copy and paste the code I get the following error...

Error: Unknown property '$ObjectType.Contact.fields.Volunteer_Skills__c'

Why is this? I'm simply duplicating the page and pasting the code from the old page into the new page without making any edits of my own.

  • I resolved this error by including the namespace when referring to the object. I now have a new error referring to a protected component.... Cannot Reference Protected Component gw_volunteers__labeleventinthepast I'm not sure how to resolve that one. This is the offending line... {!$Label.gw_volunteers__labelexternalsignupurl} Two lines earlier this similar line works... {!$Label.gw_volunteers__labelbuttonsignup} For some reason I don't have access to this and a couple of other specific values. – Tom Benbow Mar 5 at 21:22
  • I was able to successfully create my own copy of this page after fixing a number of name spacing issues and replacing the protected labels with hardcoded values. I'm not sure why the original page was able to work without these edits though. – Tom Benbow Mar 5 at 21:50

Most managed package components do not need a namespace. The compiler automatically assumes the namespace for anything that is in the managed package preferentially. This makes development easier for ISVs. However, when referencing those same namespace-prefixed elements in your own code, you must include the namespace. This is true for objects, fields, Visualforce, Lightning components, Apex Code, and so on.

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