We know that "Set" is a collection of unique records. If I am creating a set of SObjects, on what basis Salesforce identifies Uniqueness of the entries in the Set?


It depends on the fields and their values being added for that SObject.

Refer to Sets of Objects for details:

Uniqueness of sObjects is determined by comparing the objects’ fields. For example, if you try to add two accounts with the same name to a set, with no other fields set, only one sObject is added to the set.

Sample code from the link:

// Create two accounts, a1 and a2
Account a1 = new account(name='MyAccount');
Account a2 = new account(name='MyAccount');

// Add both accounts to the new set 
Set<Account> accountSet = new Set<Account>{a1, a2};

// Verify that the set only contains one item
System.assertEquals(accountSet.size(), 1);

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