In one of my scenarios, we need to open a flexipage as a new subtab on click on some text link.

Let's take there are list of records like 0001 , 0002, 0003

On click on 0001 we need to open a new flexipage as a subtab and need to pass 0001 in URL.

We are able to open new subtab with the following code

Let workspaceApi = component.find('workspace'); 
    ParentabId : response
    url : 'lightning/n/'+myflexipagename+'?info='+0001}),
    Focus : true 

Now I'm back to my parent tab and click on 0002. Now also I need to open one more new subtab. This is not working.

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    Please take the time to edit your question properly. The code, as written, would not work because of case-sensitivity problems all over. It needs to be written as correctly as possible, and ideally as a sscce so we can help identify the problem. – sfdcfox Mar 5 '19 at 3:47

If I'm reading your question correctly, the issue is not related to subtabs per se. Your issue is that you need to know which item has been clicked in a list, and use that information to dynamically determine the URL you wish to open.

One common pattern for doing so is using data- attributes on your list elements, which you can then acquire in your controller. As a rough sketch, it can look like this:

<aura:iteration items="{! v.myObjects }" var="obj">
        <a onclick="{! c.openSubtab }" data-target="{! obj.Id }"> {! obj.Name } </a>

Then, in the controller,

openSubtab : function(component, event, helper) {
    let targetId = event.currentTarget.dataset.target;

    let workspaceApi = component.find('workspace'); 
        // generate parameters based on `targetId`

This is late answer but developer tends to use url everytime, where as salesforce has introduced other params for these specific scenario.

This is a scenario where you cannot use a url based parameter as the flexipage name would be same. I suggest you to use Page Reference based parameter and pass your unique id in state, so that it open new flexipage with different param each time you click.

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