I want to create a webhook(trigger), whenever some object got inserted, deleted and updated and notification comes to my external server. So, I can do more action further with my data. Is it possible using Partner Wsdl. If not can you please suggest me how to implement webhook for multiple organisation?

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    You want to send message or receive it? – Pranay Jaiswal Mar 4 at 15:43
  • The Partner WSDL is for SOAP calls into Salesforce. You can write Apex code to call an outside HTTP webhook, and you can also write a webhook in Salesforce, but those are distinct from the WSDL. I'm not sure what you mean by "multiple organization". – David Reed Mar 4 at 15:48
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    WSDL is not relevant here. Sounds like in the simplest form, you need outbound messages here. – Jayant Das Mar 4 at 16:18
  • @PranayJaiswal my server will listen. – Sagar Rana Magar Mar 4 at 17:35
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    You need outbound messages as suggested by JD, though you cannot fire outbound messages on delete – Pranay Jaiswal Mar 4 at 17:36

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