Is there a way to get the close event of a lightning component that is used as a quick action?

I have a component with


and I use


to close it on a button click.

But I also use

window.addEventListener('message', function(event) {

because I'm displaying a Visualforce page in an iframe and they communicate with postMessages


let vfOrigin = 'https://' + cmp.get('v.vfHost');
let vfWindow = cmp.find('vfFrame').getElement().contentWindow;
vfWindow.postMessage(message, vfOrigin);

vf page

parent.postMessage(msg, lexOrigin);

I then use


to stop listening on the event.

My problem now is, that if I close the quick action component with the default X button on the top right of the modal, I cannot remove the listener and if something else happens on the page that fires the event, my code gets executed.

So ideally I want to remove the event listener onclose of the quick action

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