Is there a way of removing picklist items from multiple record types in one go, just as there is a way of adding picklist values to an object with multiple record types. For example I have ObjectA__c and I have a picklist called PicklistA__c I also have two record types for ObjectA__c called RecordTypeA and RecordTypeB. When I add an item to the picklist PicklistA__c for Object__c I get the option to select which recordtype I want to add the picklist value to. However when I want to remove the picklist value from certain record types I can only do this by going to the picklist field PickListA__c on the individual record type and removing it.

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I think that the faster way is to edit the Object__c.object.

There you'll find the RecordTypeB definition where all the PicklistA__c related values are.

By removing the values you don't want within the RecordType definition and save the file your task will be done.

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