I want to add a site to the package. How can i add a site to a package. I am not able to find the site for adding to the package in add section.

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Site.com isn't currently supported for managed packages - the list of supported components is available at:


According to the Spring 14 release notes (safe harbor), site.com will be supported by the metadata api so packaging may be supported in the future:

(Note that the release notes mention creating a package, but this appears to be another term for deployment as far as I can tell).


Per Bob's answer, Sites are not currently packageable. (Or deleteable).

However if you are distributing some package that inherently integrates with a Force.com Site, you can reduce a great deal of the manual post-install steps by packaging a Permission Set containing:

  • Apex Class access
  • Visualforce Page access
  • Object CRUD permissions
  • Field Level Security permissions

Then in your documentation, instruct users to create (or edit) their Site, go to Public Access Settings > View Users, then create a Permission Set Assignment on the Site Guest User


The Salesforce site object isn’t packageable. Make sure that the destination org has a site with the same developer name as the site in the source org where the package is created.

Sites are not packageable. However, you can package sample code, Visualforce pages, Apex classes, or components for a site using a managed package.

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