Since in my org we made some (heavy) changes to the custom objects, we also had the need of redoing all the reports (yeey, such luck!)

So what I did, was simply to download all the reports locally, create few new one just to understand the logic of the changes in the xml and then I wrote a script to adapt all the old reports to my new current situation.

The problem is, that I have two environments, a sandbox and a production which at the moment are not aligned, thus I do not have an easy way of testing and deploying those report in sandbox and then porting them to production.

Is there a way to deploy a report directly in production from vscode? If yes, can you guide me into doing it?


Edit1: I guess I found what the problem is:

{"message":"INVALID_OPERATION: testLevel of NoTestRun cannot be used in production organizations","status":1,"stack":"sf:INVALID_OPERATION: INVALID_OPERATION: testLevel of NoTestRun cannot be used in production organizations\n    at module.exports.HttpApi.getError 

so, how do I change my test level here?

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