I need make a Path responsive, and smaller. I copy this example of the SLDS documentation: https://www.lightningdesignsystem.com/components/path/#site-main-content I need to include this component (shows the stages) in a other custom component, so I need reduce the size and make it responsive.

style Width not works, I dont know how reduce it.


        <div class="slds-grid slds-path__track">
            <div class="slds-grid">
                <ul class="slds-path__nav" role="listbox" aria-orientation="horizontal">
                    <li class="slds-path__item slds-is-current slds-is-active" role="presentation">
                        <a aria-selected="true" class="slds-path__link" href="javascript:void(0);" id="path-0" role="option" tabindex="0">
                            <span class="slds-path__title">Beginner</span>
                    <li class="slds-path__item slds-is-current slds-is-active" role="presentation">
                        <a aria-selected="false" class="slds-path__link" href="javascript:void(0);" id="path-1" role="option" tabindex="1">
                            <span class="slds-path__title">Intermediate</span>
                    <li class="slds-path__item slds-is-current slds-is-active" role="presentation">
                        <a aria-selected="false" class="slds-path__link" href="javascript:void(0);" id="path-2" role="option" tabindex="2">
                            <span class="slds-path__title">Advance</span>
                    <li class="slds-path__item slds-is-incomplete tamAnch" role="presentation">
                        <a aria-selected="false" class="slds-path__link" href="javascript:void(0);" id="path-5" role="option" tabindex="5">
                            <span class="slds-path__title">Expert</span>

The image is:

enter image description here


For Aura Components, the following provides a path that responds to the width of its container:

<lightning:progressIndicator type="path" variant="base" currentStep="2" >
    <lightning:progressStep label="Beginner" value="0"/>
    <lightning:progressStep label="Intermediate" value="1"/>
    <lightning:progressStep label="Advanced" value="2"/>
    <lightning:progressStep label="Expert" value="3"/>

Renders as:


This works well on large-to-midsize screens.

Note that paths, out of the box, are not intrinsically well-suited to phone-sized screens. Even if you ditch pre-built components and create something completely custom, on a small screen you could be forced to decide between bad UX options, such as:

  • Using text overflow, which at a certain point will make the path steps unreadable
  • Shrinking the font size -- again, this will make it unreadable at a certain point
  • Wrapping path steps onto a new line -- just plain poor design

See https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/component-library/bundle/lightning:progressIndicator/example

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