Should be pretty simple.

I set up two different content boxes in ET with 2 different versions of a section of my email. I then created a Dynamic Content rule on when to use either one, using ET's content boxes.

Now I want to go back to my HTML email, replace that variable section WITH the Dynamic Content rule, so that I can then paste my email as HTML and send, retaining the Dynamic Content rules within the HTML so that it will send using the Dynamic Content rules.

This is not a triggered send; it's a manual triggered send.

Thanks for any help!

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In this instance, you will need to use AMPscript to set your rules, and select the correct content area. For example:

  SET @condition = "true"
  IF @condition == "true" THEN
     Output(ContentAreaByName("my contents\A"))
    Output(ContentAreaByName("my contents\B"))

When the condition is true, content area A will display. If condition is false, content area B will display.

The dynamic content areas are intended for templated content areas, and drag and drop functionality. Calling ContentAreaByName() will show the reference ID's in the dynamic content area, but not the actual content as you would expect.

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