I have on demand email-to-case setup and working in Salesforce. When the agent responds to the case, the from address shows the email service address. I've modified the email layout to include both the from and from address fields. So, the agent can clear the from address field and select the friendly support email address that is used to forward to the email service address. I don't believe there is a way to default the friendly support email address into the from address field and automatically clear the from address field. Ideally I'd like to remove the from address field from the layout to avoid having the agent have to clear it because you cannot send the email with both the from field and from address field populated. I'm trying to provide a way for the agents to not have to clear and select the correct email to put into the from address field and handle automatically. Is this possible?

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Set the Organization-Wide Email Addresses.

KB article here: Default 'From' address in Email-to-Case

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