Salesforce's developer documentation for the attachment object says (at the bottom of the page, emphasis mine):

However, you can't receive the Body field for multiple records in a single query() call. If your query returns the Body field, your client application must ensure that only one row with one Attachment is returned; otherwise, an error occurs.

Consider the following query:

SELECT Id, Name, Body FROM Attachment WHERE Id = '00Pp000000BH3TJEA1' LIMIT 1

The query executes without error and returns the correct record with the correct name etc. Unfortunately, the Body field only contains this:


I was expecting a base64-encoded attachment body, but instead just get a URL which I'm sure I could pass into the REST API to get what I want, but we aren't using the REST API, and I can reproduce this behaviour everywhere I can run SOQL queries, whether it's the CLI, the C# client library and even the developer console, both in a sandbox and our production environment, and for any attachment, using a system admin account.

I'm selecting a single attachment by ID as well as using "LIMIT 1", and this query definitely returns only one record. What am I doing incorrectly that is preventing the actual attachment Body from being included?

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You're looking at the SOAP API documentation. To get a file's content in the REST API, you always use the URL as you've seen it. This is documented in sObject Blob Retrieve and Get Attachment Content from a Record.

  • Gah, it even says "SOAP API Documentation" right there at the top of the page. Ouch. We're actually using the DeveloperForce C# client library which doesn't seem to have any way to query attachment contents, so I guess we'll have to go back to using the REST API directly :( Feb 27, 2019 at 5:43

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