I recently set up a project using my home PC and have been working with it for a few days, however I've just tried to make some updates using my Macbook and have had a few issues,

I've pulled my source code from git and opened it in VS Code, I've then connected up to my scratch org thanks to this post and can log in using sfdx force:org:open

Scratch Org missing from Salesforce DX org list

but when I try to push or pull to the scratch org I get this message -

ERROR: Path must be a string. Received null.

can anyone tell what path it's talking about?

  • Assuming you are using VS Code, do you see anything else in the console, e.g., if there's any extension/plugin for which this is reported? – Jayant Das Feb 26 '19 at 22:20
  • no other notifications sorry, it just sits there for a second and then returns the error – Damon Shaw Feb 26 '19 at 23:57

I have managed to correct the issue,

In .sfdx > orgs > {scratch org username} > sourcePathInfos.json

something had prepended part of my mac project path the front of the PC project path,


after converting them to the correct local path I've been able to push again

Thanks for your help Jayant

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