Based on the below link, I am aware that we can schedule the job upto 100 per hour. Can i schedule more than 100 job with different name.

JobName1 - 20 JObName2 - 80 JobName3 - 80 - what happens here ?

Is that one transaction or it can allow us to schedule more than 100 for different transaction.



No, you can never have more than 100 scheduled jobs active in an org. There's a hard limit of 100 pending scheduled jobs total. You have to abort/delete those jobs before you can create more. This also implies a limit of 100 scheduled jobs per transaction, since there can never be more than 100 total scheduled jobs.

  • We want to re-try REST call only once after 15 minutes if the call is failed when we save the case record. Any thought on that. – bharath Feb 26 at 16:11
  • @bharath How I handled this previously is to have a custom object that stores failed requests and then have a single scheduled class that's called to retry the failed requests. – sfdcfox Feb 26 at 16:16

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