I have set up the Okta SAML for SSO with Salesforce. I'm able to login in Salesforce using IDP or embedded URL of Okta.

I want to reauthenticate the user from the record detail page. When I am loading the IDP URL of Okta from record detail page then it redirects to okta and verify the credential and get back to Salesforce with the following message.

Your session has ended We're sorry to report that something has happened to your session. Log in again, or return to the page to copy any unsaved text

Actually, I only want to authorize/verify the user with okta not login in Salesforce.


I have solved the problem by following way -

  • Created a salesforce site and add a Visualforce as home page of site.
  • Created a custom application at Okta for web platform with SAML Method.
  • Whiling configuring the SAML at Okta put the Salesforce site URL as Single sign on URL and Audience URI (SP Entity ID).

  • After that when I am loading the IDP SSO URL from Salesforce that verifies the Okta credential first and then get back to Salesforce Site after successful authentication. So its only verify the okta credential not log in again in Salesforce.

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