I'm trying to send a survey to recipients with an image in the email. Ideally I could upload a list to Data extensions that would populate an image and some text. Each row would have an ID that would call a particular image from my media library.

Anyone try this before?

  • would you store the image name or the image’s external key in the image lookup DE? Is there a relationship between your send DE and your image look up DE? Feb 25, 2019 at 23:23
  • Image would be identified by name in media library and would correspond with a name in the send DE. Just not sure how to structure it Feb 26, 2019 at 16:33

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If you had a DE named IMAGELOOKUPDE that has 2 fields i.e ImageName and ImageExtKey and the Sendable DE you using for your send has a field named ImageNameFromSendDE which matches the ImageName from ImageLookupDE then you can have the below code that will return the full img tag for your image

    SET @getimageExtKey = Lookup('IMAGELOOKUPDE','ImageExtKey','ImageName',ImageNameFromSendDE)


You can follow below approach to get the solution:

  • You need to upload all the images to be used in the email on the platform first. Collect the URL for the images that you upload.
  • Create a DE say image_refer and have fields image_id and image_url. Add the URL's in the DE with their dummy id's. Example: 001(image_id) The URL
  • Create DE where you have subscriber data. Insert a column that could refer as foreign key.
  • In email, write lookup function to get the image url (suppose you get it in @URL) and in HTML code, <a href= %%==v(@URL)==%% ................ >

Your image will be populated based on your selected subscriber.

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