I have some users that have a default account team on them with one team member who is another user. How can I query this user? I thought these users were UserTeamMembers but just doing

Select Id FROM UserTeamMembers returns no results even though I have several instances of default account team members on users.


To find the default Account team members, query the UserAccountTeamMember.

SELECT TeamMemberRole, UserId, OwnerId FROM UserAccountTeamMember

The UserTeamMember table is for the default Opportunity team members.

  • D'oh, that makes sense. Thanks – Josh Feb 22 at 21:27
  • @Josh Totally easy mistake to make. The name of the object is because of historical reasons; it would have been nice for it to be UserOpportunityTeamMember instead. – sfdcfox Feb 22 at 21:37

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