i have implemented snap-in chat for an external website. i have created 3 chat buttons for 3 skills respectivly : 'Awards', 'Jury', 'Registration' Then on external website i copied the snap-in chat code snippet on 3 separate pages related to 'Awards', 'Jury' and 'REgistration' then assigned 3 live agent user to each of the 3 buttons when a visitor is on 'Awards' page and the liveagent assigned to 'Award' chat button is online then on click of the button it initiates the chat by displaying the prechat form, after the visitor starts chatting with the live agent, visitor navigates to 'Jury' page there too the chat is persisted and can see the chat as the live agent assigned to 'Jury' page is online. But when the visitor navigates to 'Registration' page then offline support page pops up instead of the chat window because the live agent assigned to 'Registration' chat button is Offline. When the visitor navigates back to 'Award' page the chat is again displayed and persisted. So wanted to know how to route the chat on the 'Registration' page if the chat is in progress and though the live agent is offline ?

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