DUPLICATE_VALUE:This price definition already exists in this price


Are you data loading duplicate price values in a PriceBook/Price Book Entry for a particular Product.

This is standard salesforce functionality preventing same Price for a product under a PriceBook.

Try cloning a PriceBook entry and saving it without chanding the Price and you will see this issue.

  • so, you mean if I change the UnitPrice field of PriceBookentry, I'll be able to load the duplicate ones also? – Kamakshi Sharma Feb 22 at 11:05
  • Yes.. Please try loading!!! – Tushar Misri Feb 22 at 11:41
  • You can't have the same product in the same price book in the same currency more than once. – sfdcfox Feb 22 at 11:55

For each Product2/Pricebook2/CurrencyIsoCode combination, you are only allowed to load a single value. This restriction is in place so that users can have the correct price for a given product based on the price book. If you want to have different prices, you need to have different price books.

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