I have created Journey with data extension as entry source and which updates Contacts and Custom object records , using values from data extension, however i do not see contacts entering in journey after i scheduled the JB it says 0 contacts evaluated, 0 entered Journey. any Leads highly appreciated.

  • Some more details around this- Entry Data Extension is populated with 5 records. Created Journey and use this Data Extension as Entry. Set to “New Records Only, on first run, read All Records” Activate Journey and schedule to Run. Journey runs but 5 records are not injected. NOTE: This journey does not send email, it updates Sales Cloud records. Are there specific requirements for Entry Data Extension to get new subscribers injected? Does it need subscriber key? Does it need primary key? Our subscriber key is Contact Id.
    – Rich kay
    Feb 21, 2019 at 16:53
  • Is your data extension have a SUBSCRIBER RELATIONSHIP? Is contact id the primary key? Feb 22, 2019 at 5:53
  • Yes , it has subscriber relationship, contactid is not the primary key. however i tried to make another ID field as Primary , and it still did not worked.
    – Rich kay
    Feb 22, 2019 at 18:11

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Check the Journey Settings and Contact Entry. If you have the settings on No re-entry then the contacts will not enter back into the journey.

Journey Settings

Journey Builder has what is called a "high water mark." The data extension you are using may not be detecting new rows because new data was not added to the data extensions.

The high water mark tracks the last event processed for the event source data extensions. Only records above this high water mark will be processed and records below this high water mark will be ignored.


Since it is a very common problem, I'll answer this question even if it's pretty old..

Jackson's answer is partially correct. I'll add a second part..

Your problem can be related to the high water mark OR the Contact Evaluation config. You said JB says 0 contacts evaluated and 0 contacts accepted.

When you select "Evaluate new records only", JB will only evaluate new records that come after the high water mark.

When you select "Evaluate all records", JB will evaluate all contacts on your DE and accpet them or not depending on your Contact entry settings (and filter criteria on contacts if you have any).

So in your case, since no contact was evaluated, I suppose you chosed the first option.

enter image description here

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