I have a lightning component as part of a managed package that uses few custom labels. The custom labels are saved with the default namespace like {!$Label.c.label_name}. I am trying to update this line with the relevant namespace like {!$Label.nameSpace.label_name}. After changing the namespace and saving the component successfully, on refreshing the code reverts to to default namespace i.e. {!$Label.c.<label_name>}. Have looked at this question - Namespace replaced while saving a lightning component. Is this a known behaviour or bug? Could not find any official documentation.


It's a feature, not a bug. Your local code should always be referenced with the "c" namespace. When uploaded in a managed package, it will be referenced correctly. This feature allows you to develop your code in a non-namespaced org, then migrate to a managed package org without having to update your code.

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