Requirement : To invoke a flow through trigger when "object A" is inserted .

Trigger implemented so far :-

trigger CallMyFlow on Object A (after insert) {
String  objectAId;
List<Object A> objectA = new List<Object A>();
objectA = [Select Id,Account__c from Object A ];
Map<String, Object> params = new Map<String, Object>();
params.put('objectA', ObjectA);
Flow.Interview.Update Testupdate= new Flow.Interview.Update (params);
String returnValue = (String) Testupdate.getVariableValue('objectAId');

'objectAId' - this is the variable created in Flow.

Flow implemented so far :

Step 1 : To check if the record of object A exist with the Account as lookup , As Account and Object A have Master Detail relationship. Step 2 : If the Object A exist with the Account , then create the related Object B whose given condition is true, then the Object B should get automatically created under Object A related list.

We have implemented the creation of Object B through Flow, but the initial after insert trigger , when we run the flow we are getting an error as Flow returns Null. i.e. the flow is not getting the Object A Id. So, let me know if we are missing anything in the trigger while invoking the flow?

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