I'm an experienced Salesforce dev but new to Marketing Cloud. I'm prototyping sending an email from Salesforce using some predefined static content in an email template in Marketing Cloud. I'm trying to send this email using the Marketing Cloud REST API following this Transactional API Documentation. The following error response is received trying to do step 2, "Setup an email send definition":

Http Code: 403

Body: { "message":"MCMS_UTM_Authentication_NotAuthenticated: Not Authenticated", "errorcode":40001, "documentation":"" }

The Handle Errors in REST API resolution is "Ensure you provide a valid token." but I'm supplying the one given from the token endpoint. The installed package also has "Read", "Write", and "Send" Email permissions. The code authenticates using the "Client Id" and "Client Secret" from the installed package without any user credentials supplied.


Endpoint: https://subdomain.rest.marketingcloudapis.com/messaging/v1/email/definitions

Method: POST

Authorized: Bearer [Bearer Token Here]

Body: { "definitionKey": "LFSFPreviewTest1", "status": "active", "name": "LFSFPreviewTest1", "content": { "customerKey": "3324579c-..." } }

  • Transactional API must be turned on in your acct. Talk to your SFMC rep about accessing it – Gortonington Feb 16 at 0:52

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