List<Opportunity> opps = [
        SELECT  Id
        FROM    Opportunity
        WHERE Stagename Not In ('Closed Lost', 'Closed Won')];

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You can use below equivalent dynamic soql.

List<Opportunity> opps = Database.query( 'SELECT Id,Name,Amount,CloseDate,Stagename,Near_to_Close_Date__c '+
                               +'FROM Opportunity '+
                               +'WHERE Stagename Not In (\'Closed Lost\', \'Closed Won\')');

More on Dynamic soql.


I see you're new there, you can use the official documentation there ;

This may be what you're looking for ?

enter image description here


You can use this link


String queryString = 'SELECT Id,Name,Amount,CloseDate,Stagename,Near_to_Close_Date__c FROM Opportunity WHERE Stagename Not In (\'Closed Lost\', \'Closed Won\')'; List<Opportunity> opps = Database.query(queryString);

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    Apex does not allow newlines in string literals. – David Reed Feb 15 at 13:15

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