I'm unable to add any picklist values to the Task field TaskSubtype. I actually can't even see the current values without looping through the describe results for TaskSubtype.

I have no problem accessing or querying the field, I've confirmed that I have customize application checked for my profile, the field is visible and editable to my profile, and it's listed as a field whose available picklist values are controlled by the record type. I saw in the Salesforce documentation that TaskSubtype is not a changeable field, but as far as I understand it just means the field is immutable. Am I wrong in that understanding, or am I just missing something else? Or is this just something you can't do?


TaskSubtype has a number of special behaviors. It dictates how Activities are displayed on the Lightning Activity timeline, in particular.

You cannot add picklist values to the field, and you also cannot update its values on existing records (although you can populate the field in a before insert trigger, or when creating records via the API or Data Loader).

Basically, like a few things about Tasks and Events, it's magic.

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