I'm getting all the objects in an org withSchema.getGlobalDescribe() and then running a describe on the the list of all the names with Schema.describeSObjects(objs).

This has been fine so far, but I've just run into an issue where one of the object names from the global describe is not valid:

The Schema.describeSObject() methods does not support the knowledge__kav sobject as a parameter. If you are attempting to use a Knowledge Article Type, be sure to use the abstract KnowledgeArticleVersion instead.

Is there a list anywhere of all the objects not available to be passed in? Or should I just avoid any '__kav' suffixed objects?

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Well, the list is other way round. You can get the list of all available SObjects that can be passed as argument to describeSObjects(objs[]) by referring to Standard Objects.

From documentation:


The describeSObjects() call takes in an array of sObjects.


The specified value must be a valid object for your organization. For a complete list of objects, see Standard Objects.

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