I want to store a text value that I can easily modify using apex. I want to use it to change the behaviour of a visual flow depending of the value in this field.

  • I think about custom metadata type but need to use SOAP API to modify it.
  • Static resources can only store files if I'm right.
  • I found Custom Label can't be modify with DML in apex

If it's not possible, what solution should I use?

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    Custom Settings? – kurunve Feb 13 '19 at 11:18

You can use Platform cache either Org cache or Session cache based on your detailed requirement.

Here is an usage:

// Get partition
Cache.OrgPartition orgPart = Cache.Org.getPartition('local.CurrencyCache');
// Add cache value to the partition. Usually, the value is obtained from a 
// callout, but hardcoding it in this example for simplicity.
orgPart.put('DollarToEuroRate', '0.91');
// Retrieve cache value from the partition
String cachedRate = (String)orgPart.get('DollarToEuroRate');

For more information, refer Get Started with Platform Cache

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