Below my code, I want to pass date value as a parameter but I facing an error as below, message: System.QueryException: value of filter criterion for field 'CreatedDate' must be of type dateTime and should not be enclosed in quotes Class.QueryFilterStatus.dopostCase: line 85, column 1

@RestResource(urlMapping='/QueryFilterStatus/*') global with sharing class QueryFilterStatus{

global static List<Case> dopostCase(String CreateDate,String Owneremail, String Bugis, String Version, String accountid,String tracker,String priority,String contactEmail,String status,String CStatus,String subject, String Keyword, String Product, String Name, String OwnerName) {
List<Case> caseList = new List<Case>();
String str='Select id, CreatedDate, Case_Owner_Name__c, OwneEmail__c, Description, Subject, Case_Type__c, Code__c, Tracker__c, status, Version__c, type, priority, ContactEmail, ContactId, OwnerId, CaseNumber, CSM_ID__c, CUP_Phone__c, Call_Type__c, IsClosed, Product_Type__c, ContactName__c, GS_Account__c from Case where accountid =\''+ accountid +'\'';

   str+=' AND OwneEmail__c=\''+ Owneremail+'\'';
   str+=' AND BugIs__c=\''+ Bugis+'\'';
   str+=' AND Version__c=\''+ Version+'\'';

   str+=' AND Tracker__c =\''+ tracker+'\'';
// if(String.isNotBlank(priority))

// { // str+=' AND Priority=\''+ priority+'\''; // } if(String.isNotBlank(contactEmail)) { str+=' AND ContactEmail=\''+ contactEmail+'\''; } if(String.isNotBlank(status)) { str+=' AND Status =\''+ status+'\''; }

   str+=' AND CStatus__c=\''+ CStatus+'\'';
   str+=' AND Product_Type__c=\''+ Product+'\'';
   str+=' AND ContactName__c Like \'%'+ Name+'%\'';
   str+=' AND Case_Owner_Name__c Like \'%'+ OwnerName+'%\'';

for(string pstring : priority.split(',')){
   str+=' AND Priority=\''+ pstring +'\'';

} if(String.isNotBlank(CreateDate)) { str+=' AND CreatedDate = \''+ CreateDate+'\''; } if(String.isNotBlank(Keyword)) { str+=' AND (Subject Like\'%'+ Keyword+'%\''; str+=' OR CaseNumber Like \'%'+ Keyword+'%\')'; }
System.debug(str); caseList=Database.query(str); return caseList;

} }


You are trying to filter your records on CreatedDate field which is of DateTime type. Couple of things you should keep in mind when filtering records by DateTime field are

  • The format used for filtering on DateTime field should be YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ
  • It should not be enclosed in quotes

So here are the changes you need to do

if(String.isNotBlank(CreateDate)) { 
    //Convert your CreateDate to the format mentioned above using the DateTime functions or 
    //using your custom method  and assign it to DateTime variable dt
    //(It depends on which format you are getting the createDate)
    //DateTime dt = convert your string to DateTime
    str+=' AND CreatedDate =:dt'; //updated code
  • Yeah Vijay I tried the above code, I am geting this error, Illegal string literal: Line breaks are not allowed in string literals at line 73 column 10 – Manojkumar Muthu Feb 13 '19 at 6:41
  • Can you post SOQL which is getting generated i.e. post the output of this line System.debug(str); – Vijay Ganji Feb 13 '19 at 6:47
  • @VijayGanji You have a typo in your answer. Please double-check. – sfdcfox Feb 13 '19 at 6:49
  • @VijayGanji Just updated the below line str+=' AND CreatedDate =:dt' and now I can able to save, When I run, { "accountid":"0010l00000Vry45", "Owneremail":" ", "Bugis":" ", "Version":" ", "tracker":" ", "priority":" ", "contactEmail":" ", "status":" ", "CStatus":"Open", "Product":" ", "Name":" ", "OwnerName":" ", "dt":"2013-10-05 20:03:20" } Error: System.QueryException: Invalid bind expression type of String for column of type Datetime Class.QueryFilterStatus.dopostCase: line 82, column 1 – Manojkumar Muthu Feb 13 '19 at 6:54
  • @ManojkumarMuthu What is the datatype of dt, you must have used String, it should be DateTime – Vijay Ganji Feb 13 '19 at 7:04

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