This is not clear or obvious how can anyone retrieve Lightning Web Components using Ant Migration tool or mdapi:retrieve command from SFDX?

What is appropriate metadata API component which corresponds to LWC folder components in sfdx?

What should be included in package.xml?


The new Metadata API component is called LightningComponentBundle

The following XML code should be added to package.xml:

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This issue has since been resolved (as of April 11, 2019) in version 7.3.0 of the Salesforce CLI. GitHub issue 1072

Here's an interesting side affect of that, at least for the moment. If you use the process here: Org Development Model with VS Code

The SFDX: Create Project with Manifest command DOES NOT include Lightning Component Bundle in the package.xml it creates. So while it will create a force-app/lwc directory it will not retrieve anything.

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  • This does not appear to be valid. I just did this myself and it did infact include Lightning component bundles and Lightning web components. – gNerb Apr 25 '19 at 15:23

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