When im doing the GET request to get the affinityToken, its come empty


I set the two headers.

req.Headers["X-LIVEAGENT-API-VERSION"] = "34";

req.Headers["X-LIVEAGENT-AFFINITY"] = null;

I'm using C#

Why do I get an empty response?


I found this previous question around a similar issue: Affinity token missing from SessionId call.

To have the sessionId call return the affinity token, along with the X-LIVEAGENT-API-VERSION you also have to send the X-LIVEAGENT-AFFINITY parameter with the value explicitly stated as 'null'.

I suspect the problem might be around what concept of null they actually want here.

It looks like you are explicitly setting the X-LIVEAGENT-AFFINITY header to the C# version of null. Instead, try setting it to a string with the value null. E.g.

req.Headers["X-LIVEAGENT-AFFINITY"] = "null";

I suspect they are looking for that string in the header.

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