I'm trying to send an attachment through api call, my file size is 4.5mb which increases to more than 6mb after base 64 encoding. and it start throwing error of 6 mb limit which salesforce support for api. Is there any way that I can send data of same size.I mean any encoding which will not increase the size or by any way blob value we can send.

  • For which API? There may be an alternative, but we won't know without knowing more details. – sfdcfox Feb 12 at 14:11
  • Through REST API I'm trying to send. We have a rest resource class in salesforce which handle the request but ends up throwing error 6 mb limit @sfdcfox – Ravi Kant Feb 13 at 3:57
  • This may be an x-y problem. What are you trying to accomplish by uploading these files? Apex is going to be limited, but you might be able to use a different technique to arrive at a solution. Please edit your question to include as many details as possible, and we'll be glad to try and help. – sfdcfox Feb 13 at 5:02

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