I tried a lot of combinations, but not matter what I do, the "Einstein bots" menu of my generated scratch orgs only targets to "Contact support to activate Einstein Bots"

According to the trailhead, we need Service Cloud, Live Agent, Knownledge .

I also saw the value Chatbot in the (not very documented) Features page

All of them are activated in my my project-scratch-def.json file , but as result I continue to be unable to use Einstein Bots in my scratch org.

    "orgName": "DNV_NicoV_Home112_Bot3",
    "edition": "Developer",
    "country": "FR",
    "language": "en_US",
    "username": "nvuillamy@dnv_xxxxxx-scratch.com",
    "adminEmail": "nvuillam@xxx.com",
    "features": [
    "settings": {
        "orgPreferenceSettings": {
            "chatterEnabled": true,
            "networksEnabled": true,
            "s1DesktopEnabled": true,
            "s1EncryptedStoragePref2": false,
            "translation": true
        "liveAgentSettings": {
            "enableLiveAgent": true
        "securitySettings": {
            "sessionSettings": {
                "enableSMSIdentity": false,
                "identityConfirmationOnTwoFactorRegistrationEnabled": false

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