As we have disabled attribute in <apex:inputCheckbox> cant we use same field in input type checkbox as formula. I am trying to use as below but disabled attribute is not working for me. Is there any syntax error or workaround. I need to use Input type checkbox only.

<apex:inputCheckbox id="{!dev.Deviation_Id__c}" styleclass="slds-input" 
        disabled="{!IF(dev.Priority__c == deviationLevel,'false','true')}"

<input type='checkbox' id="{!dev.Deviation_Id__c}" class="slds-input"
onchange="checkedDeviations('{!dev.Deviation_Id__c}')" disabled="{!IF(dev.Priority__c == deviationLevel,'false','true')}"/>
<apex:inputCheckbox id="{!dev.Deviation_Id__c}" styleclass="slds-input" 
        disabled="{!dev.Priority__c != deviationLevel}"

The disabled and rendered attributes expect Boolean values, so this should do the trick.

  • First of all i want to use in Input type checkox and deviationLevel is value being passed from controller to Vf not string so i must use if i suppose – Deepak Agarwal Feb 11 at 17:02
  • And in apex:inputCheckbox id="{!dev.Deviation_Id__c}" is not working since its not taking dynamic values. – Deepak Agarwal Feb 11 at 17:12
  • @DeepakAgarwal, we can not set dynamic id attribute. The styleClass can be dynamic. And the expression used in disabled attribute of apex:inputCheckbox can also by used with Input type checkbox. This expression will evaluate itself as string comparison and return boolean value. You can try using an string property , I have updated the answer for this. – dev_skv Feb 12 at 9:48

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