I am completing last module of Platform Developer I Certification Maintenance (Winter '19).

I have added inherited sharing keyword in both UtilityClass and in apex controller class TowerMapControllerClass. But I am getting error Ensure sharing rules from the calling class are enforced for the the 'UtilityClass' Apex class.


public with sharing class TowerMapControllerClass {
 public static List<Tower__c> getAllTowers() {
      String theObject = 'Tower__c';
      List<String> theFields = new List<String>{'Id', 'Name', 
      'State__r.Name', 'Tower_Location__Latitude__s', 
      List<String> theFilters = new List<String>();  //empty filter list
      String sortField = 'Name';
      String sortOrder = 'ASC';
      List<Tower__c> allTowers = **UtilityClass**.queryObjects(theObject, 
      theFields, theFilters, sortField, sortOrder);
      return allTowers;


public inherited sharing class UtilityClass {

Verify all class details as below , this worked for me

  1. public inherited sharing class TowerMapUtilClass {....
  2. public inherited sharing class TowerMapControllerClass {...
  3. public inherited sharing class UtilityClass {....

Let me know if this works for you.

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