We have a visualforce page which has a pageblock table with 3 columns in it. We would like to give user the ability to sort ascending and descending based on the last modified date.

i.e When user clicks on this column, it should be able to sort both ways.

Currently We have sorted the query returning data using order by Last Modified Date in the controller. This displays data by default but still users would like to have the ability.

What is the best way to get this achieved ? Any suggestions or code sample will be helpful. Appreciate it.

Thanks NS Mani

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    You can do server-side as Murali mentions or you can do client-side using e.g. datatables.net but you need decent JavaScript skills to do it that way. – Keith C Feb 10 at 11:17
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    See also this question and its answers for potential solutions. – sfdcfox Feb 10 at 13:02

You will need dynamic SOQL for a server side solution to achieve this. Answered here by Jeff Bennett: Sorting column in Data table

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