A very basic question.

We define a number type of custom field and try to fetch it in apex. After this suppose I write following code :

Set<Integer> validCounts= new Set<Integer>{1,3,6,9};
validCounts.contains(caseRecord.Count__c); //field of type: Number(5,0)
//Gives error: Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void contains(Decimal)     
//from the type Set<Integer>

What is best solution for this:

  1. We should define set as Set<Decimal> OR

  2. Typecast field value to integer?


My opinion is that if Count__c is logically always an integer, then your business logic should reflect that.

So stick with Set<Integer> and go with e.g.:

validCounts.contains(caseRecord.Count__c != null ? caseRecord.Count__c.intValue() : null);

This also avoids you (and anyone else maintaining the code in the future) needing to know how sets handle decimals that have different numbers of decimal places.

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    Also, from a practical perspective, Decimal uses like 36 bytes of memory, but Integer uses only 4, which can easily be the difference between a heap limit exception or not. – sfdcfox Feb 9 at 14:50

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