I wanted to read more about the Automated Process user and what processes go through that user but I cannot find a salesforce's documentation page. Can somebody provide me with a link?

I also read this in salesforce's documentation for the UserInfo class:

When the code is run by an internal user, such as the automated process user or a proxy user, the method returns null.

When they say proxy user do they mean another type of Automated Process user?


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Whenever you subscribe to platform events in SF via Flows, Process Builder or Trigger.. the logic/code runs in the context of Automated Process.

From Docs:

Platform event triggers/flows/process run under the Automated Process entity.

Also as its Automated User, it does not have session ID and Email Address and thus

Sending an email message from a platform event trigger using the Messaging.SingleEmailMessage class is not supported. The email can’t be sent because the sender is the Automated Process entity, which has no email address.

Also, Automated Process has bug to access merge fields in email templates and this.

Proxy Users: There are some process in SF which runs in context of real user. Notable example being Default Workflow User , Apex Email Services , web-to-lead etc

Thus they don't have session id for you to use.


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