I have a saql which is filtered using Long Text Area. When I remove the field the query is working fine but when it is included, it is throwing this error

Query Exception is failing

Please find the SAQL below

q = load "ACC";
q = filter q by 'Parent_List__c' not in ["001000000001"];
q = filter q by date('Acc__c.Acc_Year', 'Acc__c.Acc_Month', 'Acc__c.Acc_Day') not in ["7 days ago".."current day"];
q = foreach q generate 'Acc__c.Acc_ID', 'Parent_List__c';
q = filter q by 'Parent_List__c' == "";
q = group q by 'Acc__c.Acc_ID';
q = foreach q generate 'Acc__c.Acc_ID';

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