Well i want it to goes to next field on enter key press instead of that it is reloading the pageenter image description here

when i am on first name field on the enter key press keyboard my page is going back to previous page as function defined in back command button enter image description here

well i want it to go it on last name field instead of previous page

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    Right now, this sounds like an X-Y problem. enter is generally associated with submitting a form. Moving between fields (and other things) is typically handled by tab (and shift + tab). Trying to deviate from these established UX patterns is not a good idea (unless you're practicing to be an evil overlord, and are starting with causing slight inconvenience and confusion). Unless you have a very specific and well thought-out reason for wanting to do this, which you can add to your question by making an edit, I'd just stick with the established patterns. – Derek F Feb 8 at 14:39