I need a formula field that essentially has two different formulas depending on which product is selected on the Opp Product. Both products and formulas will be needed, so it's not really an IF/ELSE scenario. I also tried a process builder that would use the formulas below individually to update a custom field when these products were added to an opp. The process is not firing and the formula field only works for one or the other, not both.

IF( ProductName__c = "Launchkit - One-time Charges",
(Num_of_Campaigns__c * 5900) +
(IF(Num_of_LDRs__c >0,((3750*Num_of_Campaigns__c )+(2025*Num_of_LDRs__c)),0)) +
(IF(Num_of_SDRs__c >0,((5440*Num_of_Campaigns__c )+(2400*Num_of_SDRs__c)),0))  +
(IF(Num_of_ISRs__c >0,((5440*Num_of_Campaigns__c)+(2400*Num_of_ISRs__c)),0)) +
(IF(Num_of_Premium_Agents__c >0,(Num_of_Premium_Agents__c*1340),0)) +
(IF((Total_of_Agents__c >4),5000,0)), 
IF( "Enabled Agent Resources (monthly)",
(8770*Num_of_LDRs__c) +
(9770*Num_of_SDRs__c)  +
(10770*Num_of_ISRs__c) +

I was able to get the process builder to execute properly. On the action group, I selected "No criteria-just execute the actions!" and for the two immediate actions, I set the criteria to limit to the specific product id and updated the custom field with the applicable formula.

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